thealogie follows me and reblogs my posts, can i cry?

Oh, that's the problem - the final problem.
Have you worked out what it is yet?


John ‘it’s all fine’ Watson


i want to join a network ;c

Favourite Alex Vause things > holding hands with Piper.


so!! to put out an official gauge of interest at a reasonable time - you don’t have to say something, if you replied to the other post - i’m thinking of starting a queer sherlockian zine!!! preferably people would only submit if they’re queer, as so many sherlockians are i don’t think that’s a huge restriction - and it would include, art, stories, and articles - if you wanna do something for it and you’re not sure it would work, just ask!!

if you’re not queer and you’re interested in helping some other way let me know - also my definition of queer is totally inclusive - asexual spectrum people, aromantic spectrum people, polysexual people etc as well as gender queerness

anyways this is just a gauge of interest, not a commitment. i wanna see if this is a possibility!! it would publish probably bimonthly, online for free obviously and for a small, small fee i could send out print copies, too

you’ve got a warm heart,you’ve got a beautiful brain

you’ve got a warm heart,
you’ve got a beautiful brain